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понедељак, 16. септембар 2013.


Hey Da li ste znali da ima takmicenje za MSW? Ovde su vam odgovori.:) Ko tacno odgovori dobija stardollare potrudite se! :D SRECNO! OVDE SU VAM STIKLIRANI ODGOVORI !

MSW 2013

MSW 2013
Calling all Miss Stardoll World buffs!
If you know a thing or two about the biggest event of the year, then try your luck here! All participants who answer correctly will receive a fabulous clutch--- and winners get Stardollars!
Good luck!
  • 1) Ashleesoul, our MSW 2012 is from which country?
  • 2) When a member wins MSW, what is part of the prize?
  • 3) What year was the first Miss Stardoll World competition?
  • 4) Which country has had the most MSW winners?
  • 5) When voting in the Semi-final round who can you vote for?

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